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Good Times

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6 August 1986
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Is bio supposed to mean biography? 'Cause it could mean biology, biotechnology, bioengineering, but I'll stick with the assumption it means biography. Here's my biography in list format, because it's what I do.

I am...
-a beautiful warrior maiden
-a conservative
-a true and certified band geek
-an idealistic cynic or a cynical idealist
-a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (a Mormon)
-a fierce tigress
-an older sister
-a college graduate
-a poet
-a musician
-an author

I believe...
-that there is a God
-that Jesus Christ is the Son of God
-I can do anything
-in fairies and dragons and true love
-that Cutthroat Island is a better movie than Pirates of the Caribbean
-I am awesome
-that mothers should be the primary caretakers of their children
-If you have sex you should accept the consequences
-that smoking and drinking are bad for you

I love...
-to eat meat
-to colour with crayola crayons (but not RoseArt)
-David Eddings
-band(I miss it)
-to be different
-to take the path less traveled
-my religion
-to drive
-the colour grey
-all my friends
-the quote "Save a soybean, eat a vegan."
-to learn
-to make lists (If you hadn't figured that out)

I hate...
-when life isn't fair
-when people stress out over school work
-mis-spelled words
-bad grammar
-when people confuse your and you're
-super-horny people
-mean people
-bad internet speech(like zomg g2g ttfn bbq b4 l8r)

(Life Goals)I plan to...
-take over the world(but you didn't hear it from me)
-Eat at a McDonald's in each of the 50 states
-Major in European History and Minor in Creative Writing
-Become a world famous author
-Build a castle on a mountain, a mountain I own
-Find a pirate to marry
-Be a mommy
-Visit all the renaissance festivals in the US
-start or play in a ragtime band

And here are some things to ponder upon:
-If you had x-ray vision, would you see through everything and actually see nothing?
-If you had a to do list and one of the things was finish everything on this list, would you actually be able to finish everything on your list? Because you wouldn't be able to cross that off until you crossed it off.
-If you were born at exactly midnight, which day would you be born on? If it was the midnight b/t Dec 31st and Jan 1st, what year would you be born in?
-If toilets flush in one direction in this hemisphere and in the other direction in the Southern hemisphere, if you had a toilet directly on the equator, which way would it flush?

80's music, aladdin, alaska, alto clarinets, ancient egypt, ancient greece, ancient history, ancient rome, anne bonnie, archery, arthur, astronomy, back to the future, bartholomew roberts, being myself, belgariad, billy boyd, blackbeard, books, brisco county jr, bruce campbell, buccaneers, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, captain crunch, captain kidd, cars, castles, cats, celtic music, christianity, cinnamon toast crunch, clarinets, classic rock, classical music, climbing trees, conspiracy theories, corsairs, creative writing, creativity, cutthroat island, d&d, dancing, david eddings, daydreaming, dragons, dreams, driving, elves, european history, faeries, fairy tales, fantasy, fantasy novels, fantasy writing, fiction, fire!, firefly, friends, geeks, get medieval, greek mythology, gypsies, harry potter, history, hot geeks, hot nerds, imagination, indiana jones, intelligence, into the woods, ireland, j.k. rowling, japan, jeopardy, joanne bertin, kansas, ketchup, king arthur, knives, lds, learning, legends, lord of the rings, malcolm in the middle, marching band, mary read, medieval ages, medieval history, mercedes lackey, military, monty python, mormons, munchkin, music, mystic knights of tir-na-nog, mythology, nerds, ninjas, norse mythology, old star wars, pern, philosophy, pippin, pirates, playing instruments, potatoes, princess bride, privateers, queen, reading, renaissance cooking, republicans, robin hood, rock music, role playing games, roleplaying, samurais, scotland, singing, socrates, sonic, star wars, stars, steak, stonehenge, story telling, styx, swing dancing, swords, taking over the world, tamora pierce, the beatles, the last dragonlord, the mountains, thieves, tigers, tortuga twins, ultimate frisbee, van halen, videogame music, wales, western carolina university, wolves, world domination, writing, zilch the torysteller

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