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Life Plan and Other Things

Well it's been a while since I've posted. Mostly I've been pretty busy. Not with anything in particular. But I work all day and then in the evening when I get home, I spend time with my husband. We hang out and watch Netflix or play video games or go out and do things or hang out with people. But I wanted to talk a little about what's going in my life right now and keep everyone updated about what's going in my life.

How's Married Life Treating me?
For some reason, after you get married, this is the question most people ask you. It's like after graduating people ask What you majored in and what are you going to do with that? Well, it's never What's it like being married or how are you doing these days? It's always How's married life treating you? To answer, married life is treating me very well. I love our little apartment. Every time I take a shower with our nice $25 shower head it reminds me that we are making this apartment and this life our own. And I'm grateful we have the ability to do so. When we decided we were going to start drinking healthy smoothies, we bought a blender. that's just how we roll.

And I love Nathan (More on that later) and I love being married. I feel like we've been together forever, when it hasn't even been a year. But it feels so natural. And I love the peace and security that being married brings. I'm not saying we don't have any issues, but they are minor and easily solved. I know we're always going to work together to solve our problems. The other night I had a disturbing dream and in a creepy sequence of events I swallowed a cockroach and woke up gasping. All I saw was the wall in front of me and I had no idea where I was and no recollection of my home or husband. Then Nathan said Are you ok? And I liked that he was there. That's how married life is treating me.

Five year Plan
So a couple months ago, Nathan and I had a family conference. I was worried about the lack of any kind of plan or direction in our lives. we were just kind of drifting with a vague plan. I have a very planning personality. I can not survive with vague plans that lead to nothing ever happening. So Nathan and I came up with a five year plan. We started by defining where we want to be in 5 years. We want to be buying our first house and settling down to live our future lives. We will be settling down in either Payson/Pine AZ or Sylva/Dillsboro NC. We both really like small towns and mountains and our families are in AZ and NC. I like NC for it's climate, college and deciduous forests not to mention my friends there. AZ I like bc of the Mormon-ness and it feels less isolationist than NC. But I have a feeling we'll probably end u in NC.

Nathan and I want to have a farm/homestead with garden, orchard, goats and chickens. We're looking forward to that. So Nathan is going to be finishing up his Associates over the next 1.5 years. I may take some grad school classes for practice at ASU in the spring. next year we are going to try for our first baby because we don't want to wait 5 years to start a family. Then I'll have a year before I start grad school. I'll get my Masters Degree starting in Fall of 2014. When I finish my MA, that will be the end of five years.

Speaking of my Masters Degree, I have decided what I want to do. I have been really interested in economic history ever since I took this History of Capitalism class. However, I didn't really know what role it would play in my life. I always was planning on studying folklore and history. Because it seemed like such a good fit for me. Well recently I wen to this personal development seminar (with my work, it was fun but weird) and at one point they were talking about how bad it was to split your focus when concentrating on a goal. And it made me realize that my true passion for history lies in economic history. I felt like I should have been more interested in folklore and such, but I really want to study how economics have shaped history.

What I love most about history is cause and effect and I love thinking about how economic blah blah caused historic blah blah. I think it would be fun to write a series of essays entitled Economic Causes of: American Revo, Civil War, ww1, ww2, cold war. I also want to write a book on economic and religious intersections in history: Knight templars and banks, buying indulgences, stuff like that. I find this stuff fascinating. I have been wanting to reread Beowulf and write an essay on it about economics (like weregilds and the like.)

In the mean time there are several things I need to do.
-Figure out what college I want to go to. Right now I am still leaning towards George Mason University. But I know next to nothing about them. I know they are experimental and are good and intersecting different unrelated fields, they have a good history program, and they're not impossible to get into. Which is important for me. SO I want to do more research to see if there is actually a school that is expert at economic history.

-In addition to taking a statistics class at local community college, I was think I should take an Economics class. Ideally it would be a class on economic theory and the history of economic theory. That's what I want to know. Like what people mean when they talk Keynesian economics.

-I also need to take the GRE. I was thinking of doing it after i had taken some classes and gotten back into the school mode. I have a study book from 2009.

I'm excited about going back to school.

I've been more into writing lately, kind of. April was National Poetry month and while I didn't quite write a poem a day, I wrote a lot of poems. That was really fun. I posted them on a writing blog i just started ( I also subscribed to Writers . While a lot of times they are just trying to sell me books and webinars and workshops, they also have a fair amount of free articles and advice and prompts. And contests and literary agent lists and things.

So I've been thinking a lot about writing, but i just haven't been doing it. My day just feels so full. I want to sit down and write, a little everyday, bt i feel I have no time. I think that part of my problem is I have all these stories in my head, but putting them down on paper is so hard and I feel like my paper story won't be as good as my head story. I know I just need to get over it. I saw a writers quote the other day tht essentially said writing a first draft sucks and the draft itself sucks but you have to do it bc how else will you revise something to perfection. Or at least that's what I got out of it.

I started a new blog and I was really excited at the time and thinking it was going to get me back into the swing of writing. But it's just one more thing that makes me feel stressed out and overwhelmed when I have a backlog of entries I want to write. I decided I need a schedule to write and any time in the evenings just isn't working. I've been waking up with the sun lately, which in AZ is around 6am. My schedule, since I am most productive in the morning, is will try to start writing from 7-8 ish. I am supposed to work out from 820-850 ish and I leave for work at 9. Hopefully I will be able to stick to this schedule, bc I never get anything done at night time.

But I have several blog articles I'm working on, some fanfiction (which I use as practice whenever I want to try another writing style. Problem there though is, I used it to practice first person and now I'm stuck in first person. I need to start a new one to get my mind back into the trick of 3rd person) and there is a romance that has gotten a hold of my mind, and then a whodunit style mystery idea. Also there is that ya paranormal romance story.

I hope my stories work out.

Blogs and Other Ideas
Speaking of my blog, yes I've started a new blog. It's called My World in Words and eventually I'll get around to buying a domain name. For now it's just I think I'll still use LiveJournal for personal and random stuff, but more sparingly. well, until I do have kids, then I'll probably be writing about my baby daily lol. but this blog will be mostly talking about books and reviewing books with some movies and games and geek stuff with some Things That Matter and some home making stuff. I know your blog is supposed to be super specialized if you want to gain a following, but I don't really care about that right now. I also have a writing blog like I said before at

Some other things I've been thinking of doing are 2 video blogs. One will be teaching history in a fun way formatted like an animated powerpoint with narration. I actually don't know how much time I have for this project. I have so many things I want to do, but maybe bit by bit I could work on it. I also want to start a video blog that is basically giving advice to teenage girls about dating and school and future stuff. I love giving advice to people and I have a lot of younger friends and I've notice that a lot of times they are clueless about a lot of things. Just because adults often don't take kids seriously or talk about awkward things. Like who ever talks to kids on the merits of community college or how to deal with a boy on the front porch on the first date. I want to make a few videos, then solicit questions from my teenage viewers. (I'm pretty ambitious here, I guess.)

So that will be a lot of fun when I start working on it. i wish I could quit my job and just do all this stuff. I actually have a plan for that (here) which I will also discuss later.

Our Garden: Nathan and I have a little garden on our patio. We are growing a tomato plant, some onions, and some flowers that refuse to bloom. We love it; it's fun. We are learning homesteading skillz for our future.

Bananas: As a part of trying to eat healthier, I have decided I like bananas. I heard that 2 bananas gives you enough energy for a 90 minute workout. So I've tried eating bananas, which I've never really liked. (I like banana bread but hate banana flavored things) but bananas aren't so bad. I'm trying. I've learned though, that they taste different based on how ripe they are and really ripe bananas are so sickeningly sweet and banana-y.

Books/Library: I'm taking a break from the library right now. Mostly because I had to return all my library books and I owe the library like $30. I'm forcing myself to read all the new or borrowed books I have. No matter how much the new shiny library books are calling my name. I have several books i need to review before I can start any new library books that I will want to review.

...I guess that's all for now, but i have a few more things I want to post about relatively soon including a FL entry about this thing that happened.
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