Gypsy (gypsychick7) wrote,

My tweets

  • Sat, 05:10: What the heck is up the the new Twitter sign in screen? It looks like Face Book
  • Sat, 05:10: I wish Arizona had McAllister's Deli!!!
  • Sat, 05:22: If I tweet 59 times tonight, I can hit my 1500th tweet.
  • Sat, 05:22: Also, so what happened to my little blurb about myself. Is it gone?
  • Sat, 05:24: @Rand__alThor Hi!
  • Sat, 05:37: I'm rebuilding my #pandora account after it got hacked and all my channels got erased.
  • Sat, 06:19: Facebook keeps reminding me I'm not on the east coast anymore. I didn't feel the earthquake and I don't care about Irene.
  • Sat, 06:20: I'm listening to Lady Gaga's You and I out of curiosity of it's similarity to the Ingrid Michaelson song of the same name.
  • Sat, 06:22: I'm wondering why #LadyGaga sounds like a country singer and why the mess is there an Umlaut over the u in you.
  • Sat, 06:24: BY the way, I know I'm a little late, but Captain America was freaking A-MAZING. It's my favorite movie in the Avengers timeline so far.
  • Sat, 06:24: I can't freaking wait for the Joss directed Avengers movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sat, 06:25: Speaking of which, I'm off to Wikipedia to learn more about the #Avengers.
Tags: twitter

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