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Wedding Planning

In a sentence-It is stressful.

You know I sometimes think about being a wedding planner because I’m really good at planning things. I thought I would be able to plan my wedding in no time at all with no problem. It’s not really a big issue, like I’m planning the wedding fine. It’s just more stressful than I thought it would be. And everything is taking a lot longer than I thought it would. Like I wanted to have my announcements out by last Saturday, but even though we took our pictures last Monday or Tuesday, we still haven’t finished our announcements. And every time I think something is going to take a short period of time, it always takes so much longer than I think it will. Like starting Birth Control. I thought I was on the ball seeing the gyno WELL in advance ( a month and a half at least.) But I should have gone 2.5 months in advance really. So it’s just crazy.

But I guess it’s just experience. Hopefully, this will be the first and only of my own weddings I ever plan. But I was not wrong. Planning a wedding is really fun overall, and something I’d be really good at. There’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and that’s start a business or write a book about budget weddings, and how to plan weddings under $1000 or $2000. Hopefully my own wedding will be WELL under that. Well actually, if you factor in a $700 road trip and the honey moon it will probably cost closer to $1500 or $2000. I’m also factoring in the little random things like Birth Control and an apartment down payment. But I decided I’m going to make a website discussing my experience and it will be THE Go-To place for budget brides. Me, I never just buy the first thing I see. I have to shop around and make sure I’m getting the best price. Hopefully my website will help people like me so they don’t have to do all the research on their own. My website is going to become so popular that it’s going to be featured on some talk show and I’ll be famous and all that jazz. It will be awesome.

Anyway, so I’ll break it down and show you the logistics of my wedding planning. This will be one of those running To Do List posts like back in my college days. If you can help with anything, let me know.

Logstics and Themes:
Choose a Person -Nathan
Choose a Date/Time/Place Wedding
–July 9th/8:50am/Columbia Temple
Make Reservations -$0
Choose Date/Time/Place NC Reception-July 9th/4-6/Waxhaw Ward
Make Reservations -$0
Choose Date/Time/Place AZ Reception July 30th/6-8/Westwood Ward
Make Resrvations -$0
Choose a Honeymoon Place Western NC Cabin
Make Reservations -$365.48
Plan Road Trip-$700 est.
Choose Wedding Colors -Purple and Silver
Choose Wedding Flowers Irises
Unofficial Wedding Themes Star Wars and Nostalgia

Total Cost: $1065.48, est.

Choose a Format -Pic and Text on One Page, Photo Paper in Envelope
Take Announcment Pics -$15
Finalize Wording
Create Announcement$-0 (Via Photoshop and Nathan’s Mom!)
Buy 140 Stamps $61.60
Note: May Need More Stamps
Buy 200 Envelopes $34
Print 200 Invites With Envelopes at Costco -$52
Return 150 Envelopes- ($28)
Buy Envelope Sealer -$6
Return Piece of Crap Envelope Sealer ($6)

Total Cost Announcements, est: $134.60

Wedding Clothes/Accessories:
Resize Engagement Ring Unable to Resize Ring :(-$0
Buy Nathan's Wedding Band -$15
Kylara's Wedding Bands- $30 est.
Temple Clothes- $0, est
Temple Garments- $100-$125, est.
Research Places to Buy Wedding Dresses
Buy Slip and Train to Make Dress -$23
Buy Corset-$30, est
Buy Undershirts-$20, est
Put Dress together and Alterations-$0 est
Buy Bridal White Shoes (Long lasting) Ballet Slippers in NC-$0
Buy White Bra-$18.32 est.
Figure Out Hair, MakeUp and Jewelry-$0-$20, est.
Research Suits
Compare Prices with Renting a Tux (2 tuxes)
Nice Suit (2 or 3 Piece)-$150, est. (Long Lasting)
3rd Piece is Silver Vest and Tie/Purple Hankerchief-$35-$45, est
Nice Shoes -$50, est (Long Lasting)
Nice White Shirt-$25, est (Long Lasting)
Best Man/Matron of Honor-[They Pay for Themselves]
Matron of Honor Dress-$0
Tie and possibly shirt for Best Man-$0, est.
Family of Bride and Groom[They Pay for themselves?]
Purple and Silver with Black and White colors for everyone-$50, est.
Buy Garter for Tossing -$7

Total Cost: $503.32-$588.32, est.
Holly Geez!!! That is way too expensive. Find some way to cut costs.

Wedding Decorations:
Take Pictures for Photobook Guest Book
Order Photo Book Guest Book -$30, est.
Borrow Guest Book Stand NC
Borrow Guest Book Stand AZ
Figure Out How many Tables at Receptions 8 Tables
Buy Photo Frames for Centerpieces (3/Table)-$12-24, est.
Make Centerpieces-$5, est.
Buy Female Cake Topper-$8
Something to Cut the Cake with?
Make something to put Gifts and cards into
Borrow Table Cloths NC
Borrow Table Cloths AZ (From Breah. Black)
Figure Out Flowers (Irises)(Ave’s Mom)
Main Bouquet – Irises -$50, est.
Throwing Bouquet Fake-$15, est.
Borrow Christmas Lights NC
Borrow Christmas Lights AZ
Borrow Arbor Thing NC
Figure Out how to Decorate Gym NC-$30, est
Figure Out How to Decorate Gym AZ-$25, est.

Total Cost: $198, est.
Too Expensive-Find a way to cut costs.

Wedding Food
Borrow Drink Dispenser NC
Borrow Drink Dispenser AZ
Borrow Cookie Tiered Trays NC
Borrow Cookie Tiered Trays AZ
Buy Plastic Silverware/Plates/Cups/Napkins (Clear, Black, Purple, Silver)[NOT FROM PARTY CITY] -$50, est.
Assign or Buy/Make the Following Foods:
Punch/Drink NC (Possibly David Marsh)
Ice NC -David Marsh
Punch/Drink AZ
Fruit Salad x2 NC (Note: Fuit Salads will be in carved out Watermelons with jagged decorative tops)
Fruit Salad x2 AZ
Cookies and Treats NC (Including Rice Krispie Treats and Snickerdoodles)
Cookies and Treats AZ
Cold Cut Sandwiches NC -My Brother David Marsh -$0
Multiple Cheeseballs AZ
Chicken Salad AZ
Crackers/Bread AZ
Wedding Cake (By Heather Gaskin)

Total Cost: $50, est.
Hopefully this is an over estimate.

Wedding Miscellaneous:
Honeymoon Food and Accessories -$25, est.
Woman’s Wellness Exam-$165 +$70, est
Get Birth Control (First 3 months) -$60, est.?
Finish Target Registry
Finish Registry
Find Social Security Cards
Get Marriage License -$40
Schedule Marriage Prep Classes
Temple Recommend Interviews
Find a Place to Live
Apartment Deposit-$500, est.
Wedding Photographer NC (Rachel's Mom!) -$100
Wedding Photographer AZ -$100, est.
Total Cost: $1060, est.

Wedding Total Cost, est: $2,930.80
Yikes!! I have got to find a way to cut some costs here!!

So yeah. If you feel like it, peruse this list and let me know if there's anything you can help me with.

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