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Things that Matter: Equality

I’ve decided to start a new tradition, and once a week, or perhaps once a month, write a more politico-socio-economical post on something that matters. This week, I’ve decided I want to write a post on Equality, which is something I’ve kind of been thinking about for a while.

I guess the theme would kind of center around the oft overused saying “I Might Disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Replace Say with Do and you pretty much have the gist of this post.

Tolerance in General: I hate it when free-loving hippie liberal types who claim to be super tolerant are intolerant of intolerance. Or anyone is really. When you say I hate people who are intolerant. Why can’t they love everyone? I mean can you hear yourself. Hypocritical much? I guess this was really prevalent during all the Prop 8 talks when a bunch of people were hating on Mormons for “hating on gays.” I don’t mean just ‘man those silly Mormons; I don’t agree with their stance.’ But no. People were really vicious in their hate. People who proclaim complete tolerance as a way of life. The hypocrisy of it all really bugs me sometimes.

Women Equality: Don’t get me wrong. I love anti-women jokes, just for funzies. And I’d be the first person to slap a ho or headbutt someone in the uterus. But you have to understand something- just because I’m not a feminazi, doesn’t mean I don’t firmly believe in Women’s Equality. I do, a lot. If I had lived in the 1800s I would have been totally involved in the suffrage and women’s right’s movement. I believe that women can do anything that men can do and that they should get the same pay and the same everything. And I know people are just joking but sometimes all those women jokes really get to me. I mean some women drive really well. Show me a statistic that proves men drive better than women. I don’t really know why I got started on all this, but I think it was the statistic that women still get paid less than men for the same jobs. I don’t know if this is true, but if it is, it sucks. And all the kitchen/sandwich jokes just make me never want to ever make sandwiches for my man.

Now I also believe that sometimes men and women have different talents, different skill sets and should act accordingly if they want. A lot of people would say men are superior in math and science, while women excel in English and the arts. I don’t think this is true. I just think women aren’t as interested in Math or science sometimes, because of how society can be. I personally am going to be a stay at home mom; I have the requisite skill sets for that. I don’t think every woman does. I don’t think every woman should. But they should be able to if they want to. But if a man wants to stay home, that’s cool too.

A lot of feminists turn all this anger and righteous indignation over equality into man-hating, hence the term FemiNazi. It’s like they don’t want equality, they want women to be better than men. I think that’s the reason achieving equality is so hard.

Affirmative Action: I do not believe in affirmative action. I don’t really think it’s helping anything. If there is indeed anything to be helped. I think Affirmative Action just leads to the same problem as the FemiNazis and leads to more discrimination. Now I am in no way trying to play a victim here like some people who would claim White Discrimination. I’m not a victim. I just believe in complete equality. I think that colleges should accept all applications without any note on Age, Gender, Race or anything. Just the test scores and the essays and the high school transcript or whatever else they use to figure out admissions. Then just take the top however many qualified people regardless of anything. They shouldn’t even look at the names of the applicants until a decision is made. Same goes for jobs reviewing applicants for hire. I guess one argument for AA is opportunities for different individuals of different genders and races. As a woman, I know that I had every opportunity that all the males did. Well, I always had to do the dishes at my house and my brothers never did any chores, but overall, same opportunities. As for race, I’m not black so I don’t know what opportunities they had.

I guess different ethnic neighborhoods are in poorer places, which leads to those typical “inner-city” schools which have worse teachers than “better high schools.” Well in my opinion all high schools suck and you don’t learn anything until college anyway. And according to inspirational movies, inner-city schools always have at least one good teacher who motivates and inspires the kids. That should be quite enough. But seriously though, any students with aspirations to apply to any college they’d have to actually work to get into, would probably work extra hard on their own to get into said college. Despite the opportunities provided in their schools. The true equal opportunity part of AA could then come into effect and award scholarships to those applicants who deserve to get into the school, but can’t afford it.

Gay Rights:
So I guess Gay Rights are kind of a big deal right now, ‘being in the public eye’-wise and all and I just wanted to throw in my two cents. I do not believe in being gay (morally) (I don’t really care about political correctness, but I guess it would be better to say I disagree with being gay or something.) But I believe gay people have every right to be gay and shouldn’t be discriminated against in anyway. I believe gay people (This includes the entire GLBT community) should have every right everyone else does. This is equality. While I believe marriage should be something that remains between a man and a woman, gay people should have every right to be together and receive the legal rights that go a long with that. I’m planning on doing a whole different entry on Marriage, Civil Unions and The Separation of Church and State, I’ll just sum it up here. It should be up to each and every separate religion whether they marry gay couples or not, but the government shouldn’t make any distinction. The government should give the legal rights of a marriage to anyone who wants it. (This paragraph probably offends both gay and straight people alike, but oh well. That’s just what I believe.)

Cherishing Our Diversity: In all the books about a futuristic dystopia (a society that supposedly perfect, but obviously flawed, such as 1984, The Giver, Hunger Games to name a few) Utopia and equality is often achieved by stripping away our identities. I can’t think of any specific examples of this, but there are a lot of books and movies that try to achieve equality and perfection by making everyone the same, everyone has the same name, wear’s the same thing, looks the same. OH!! In Harrison Bergeron, they pursue equality by giving everyone handicaps. Beautiful people wear masks, athletic people wear weights. The worst part about It is everyone is brought down to the lowest common denominator, so everyone is equally bad. These stories are dystopic for a reason. We need to celebrate our differences. Take this example of a marriage: In a typical marriage, The husband and wife are equal partners, but they each have different roles. The man works and brings money into the family, beats intruders with a baseball bat and punishes the children when mom doesn’t have the heart. The wife, takes care of the kids, the finances, and runs the household making sure everyone is clothed and fed and loved. The married couple have different BUT EQUALLY IMPORTANT roles. (This is just an example; the roles of man and wife can always be different.)

America (Just using America as an example, because that’s where I live. It applies around the world.) is often called a melting pot because there are people of so many ethnicities, nationalities and religions here. But think about what a melting pot is. It dilutes all the ingredients, getting rid of what makes them separate and special and mashes them together in one big pot. America should instead be called a Patchwork Quilt, (Citation: Brian Verde, 11th grade AP US History). A patchwork quilt takes everyone’s differences and put’s them on display; people are separate and special and that’s what is great about a patchwork quilt. One or two colored quilts are horribly bland. Everyone deserves equality, equal wages, equal rights, equal opportunities, but not at the expense of their own identities. People shouldn’t have to change their names to bland “white people” names such as Jessica, Emily or Ashely (No offence if your name is that. Also if you are a male you would have a manly white name.) People should achieve equality, not at the expense of their identity. I feel like this might be against what I said about affirmative action and people being nameless test scores, but you know there’s always extra curricular activities.

And I don’t know what the solution is. I don’t know how to achieve complete equality. I feel like we’re very close. In America, everyone has the right to vote. There’s less discrimination in hiring and schools. I think one major hurdle though is attitude. Some people have an attitude of Superiority vs. equality. It’s like I said about Feminists and Liberals. People have the attitude that women are better, or tolerant people are better, or gay people are better or Americans are better. But really, we’re all equal. We have equally important, but different: strengths, weaknesses, roles in society, religions, etc. So maybe if we worked harder to make everyone equal rather than engage in a superiority contest, society would be all the better for it.
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