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Life Plan and Other Things

Well it's been a while since I've posted. Mostly I've been pretty busy. Not with anything in particular. But I work all day and then in the evening when I get home, I spend time with my husband. We hang out and watch Netflix or play video games or go out and do things or hang out with people. But I wanted to talk a little about what's going in my life right now and keep everyone updated about what's going in my life.

How's Married Life Treating me?
For some reason, after you get married, this is the question most people ask you. It's like after graduating people ask What you majored in and what are you going to do with that? Well, it's never What's it like being married or how are you doing these days? It's always How's married life treating you? To answer, married life is treating me very well. I love our little apartment. Every time I take a shower with our nice $25 shower head it reminds me that we are making this apartment and this life our own. And I'm grateful we have the ability to do so. When we decided we were going to start drinking healthy smoothies, we bought a blender. that's just how we roll.

And I love Nathan (More on that later) and I love being married. I feel like we've been together forever, when it hasn't even been a year. But it feels so natural. And I love the peace and security that being married brings. I'm not saying we don't have any issues, but they are minor and easily solved. I know we're always going to work together to solve our problems. The other night I had a disturbing dream and in a creepy sequence of events I swallowed a cockroach and woke up gasping. All I saw was the wall in front of me and I had no idea where I was and no recollection of my home or husband. Then Nathan said Are you ok? And I liked that he was there. That's how married life is treating me.

Five year Plan
So a couple months ago, Nathan and I had a family conference. I was worried about the lack of any kind of plan or direction in our lives. we were just kind of drifting with a vague plan. I have a very planning personality. I can not survive with vague plans that lead to nothing ever happening. So Nathan and I came up with a five year plan. We started by defining where we want to be in 5 years. We want to be buying our first house and settling down to live our future lives. We will be settling down in either Payson/Pine AZ or Sylva/Dillsboro NC. We both really like small towns and mountains and our families are in AZ and NC. I like NC for it's climate, college and deciduous forests not to mention my friends there. AZ I like bc of the Mormon-ness and it feels less isolationist than NC. But I have a feeling we'll probably end u in NC.

Nathan and I want to have a farm/homestead with garden, orchard, goats and chickens. We're looking forward to that. So Nathan is going to be finishing up his Associates over the next 1.5 years. I may take some grad school classes for practice at ASU in the spring. next year we are going to try for our first baby because we don't want to wait 5 years to start a family. Then I'll have a year before I start grad school. I'll get my Masters Degree starting in Fall of 2014. When I finish my MA, that will be the end of five years.

Speaking of my Masters Degree, I have decided what I want to do. I have been really interested in economic history ever since I took this History of Capitalism class. However, I didn't really know what role it would play in my life. I always was planning on studying folklore and history. Because it seemed like such a good fit for me. Well recently I wen to this personal development seminar (with my work, it was fun but weird) and at one point they were talking about how bad it was to split your focus when concentrating on a goal. And it made me realize that my true passion for history lies in economic history. I felt like I should have been more interested in folklore and such, but I really want to study how economics have shaped history.

What I love most about history is cause and effect and I love thinking about how economic blah blah caused historic blah blah. I think it would be fun to write a series of essays entitled Economic Causes of: American Revo, Civil War, ww1, ww2, cold war. I also want to write a book on economic and religious intersections in history: Knight templars and banks, buying indulgences, stuff like that. I find this stuff fascinating. I have been wanting to reread Beowulf and write an essay on it about economics (like weregilds and the like.)

In the mean time there are several things I need to do.
-Figure out what college I want to go to. Right now I am still leaning towards George Mason University. But I know next to nothing about them. I know they are experimental and are good and intersecting different unrelated fields, they have a good history program, and they're not impossible to get into. Which is important for me. SO I want to do more research to see if there is actually a school that is expert at economic history.

-In addition to taking a statistics class at local community college, I was think I should take an Economics class. Ideally it would be a class on economic theory and the history of economic theory. That's what I want to know. Like what people mean when they talk Keynesian economics.

-I also need to take the GRE. I was thinking of doing it after i had taken some classes and gotten back into the school mode. I have a study book from 2009.

I'm excited about going back to school.

I've been more into writing lately, kind of. April was National Poetry month and while I didn't quite write a poem a day, I wrote a lot of poems. That was really fun. I posted them on a writing blog i just started ( I also subscribed to Writers . While a lot of times they are just trying to sell me books and webinars and workshops, they also have a fair amount of free articles and advice and prompts. And contests and literary agent lists and things.

So I've been thinking a lot about writing, but i just haven't been doing it. My day just feels so full. I want to sit down and write, a little everyday, bt i feel I have no time. I think that part of my problem is I have all these stories in my head, but putting them down on paper is so hard and I feel like my paper story won't be as good as my head story. I know I just need to get over it. I saw a writers quote the other day tht essentially said writing a first draft sucks and the draft itself sucks but you have to do it bc how else will you revise something to perfection. Or at least that's what I got out of it.

I started a new blog and I was really excited at the time and thinking it was going to get me back into the swing of writing. But it's just one more thing that makes me feel stressed out and overwhelmed when I have a backlog of entries I want to write. I decided I need a schedule to write and any time in the evenings just isn't working. I've been waking up with the sun lately, which in AZ is around 6am. My schedule, since I am most productive in the morning, is will try to start writing from 7-8 ish. I am supposed to work out from 820-850 ish and I leave for work at 9. Hopefully I will be able to stick to this schedule, bc I never get anything done at night time.

But I have several blog articles I'm working on, some fanfiction (which I use as practice whenever I want to try another writing style. Problem there though is, I used it to practice first person and now I'm stuck in first person. I need to start a new one to get my mind back into the trick of 3rd person) and there is a romance that has gotten a hold of my mind, and then a whodunit style mystery idea. Also there is that ya paranormal romance story.

I hope my stories work out.

Blogs and Other Ideas
Speaking of my blog, yes I've started a new blog. It's called My World in Words and eventually I'll get around to buying a domain name. For now it's just I think I'll still use LiveJournal for personal and random stuff, but more sparingly. well, until I do have kids, then I'll probably be writing about my baby daily lol. but this blog will be mostly talking about books and reviewing books with some movies and games and geek stuff with some Things That Matter and some home making stuff. I know your blog is supposed to be super specialized if you want to gain a following, but I don't really care about that right now. I also have a writing blog like I said before at

Some other things I've been thinking of doing are 2 video blogs. One will be teaching history in a fun way formatted like an animated powerpoint with narration. I actually don't know how much time I have for this project. I have so many things I want to do, but maybe bit by bit I could work on it. I also want to start a video blog that is basically giving advice to teenage girls about dating and school and future stuff. I love giving advice to people and I have a lot of younger friends and I've notice that a lot of times they are clueless about a lot of things. Just because adults often don't take kids seriously or talk about awkward things. Like who ever talks to kids on the merits of community college or how to deal with a boy on the front porch on the first date. I want to make a few videos, then solicit questions from my teenage viewers. (I'm pretty ambitious here, I guess.)

So that will be a lot of fun when I start working on it. i wish I could quit my job and just do all this stuff. I actually have a plan for that (here) which I will also discuss later.

Our Garden: Nathan and I have a little garden on our patio. We are growing a tomato plant, some onions, and some flowers that refuse to bloom. We love it; it's fun. We are learning homesteading skillz for our future.

Bananas: As a part of trying to eat healthier, I have decided I like bananas. I heard that 2 bananas gives you enough energy for a 90 minute workout. So I've tried eating bananas, which I've never really liked. (I like banana bread but hate banana flavored things) but bananas aren't so bad. I'm trying. I've learned though, that they taste different based on how ripe they are and really ripe bananas are so sickeningly sweet and banana-y.

Books/Library: I'm taking a break from the library right now. Mostly because I had to return all my library books and I owe the library like $30. I'm forcing myself to read all the new or borrowed books I have. No matter how much the new shiny library books are calling my name. I have several books i need to review before I can start any new library books that I will want to review.

...I guess that's all for now, but i have a few more things I want to post about relatively soon including a FL entry about this thing that happened.

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Wedding Planning

In a sentence-It is stressful.

You know I sometimes think about being a wedding planner because I’m really good at planning things. I thought I would be able to plan my wedding in no time at all with no problem. It’s not really a big issue, like I’m planning the wedding fine. It’s just more stressful than I thought it would be. And everything is taking a lot longer than I thought it would. Like I wanted to have my announcements out by last Saturday, but even though we took our pictures last Monday or Tuesday, we still haven’t finished our announcements. And every time I think something is going to take a short period of time, it always takes so much longer than I think it will. Like starting Birth Control. I thought I was on the ball seeing the gyno WELL in advance ( a month and a half at least.) But I should have gone 2.5 months in advance really. So it’s just crazy.

But I guess it’s just experience. Hopefully, this will be the first and only of my own weddings I ever plan. But I was not wrong. Planning a wedding is really fun overall, and something I’d be really good at. There’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and that’s start a business or write a book about budget weddings, and how to plan weddings under $1000 or $2000. Hopefully my own wedding will be WELL under that. Well actually, if you factor in a $700 road trip and the honey moon it will probably cost closer to $1500 or $2000. I’m also factoring in the little random things like Birth Control and an apartment down payment. But I decided I’m going to make a website discussing my experience and it will be THE Go-To place for budget brides. Me, I never just buy the first thing I see. I have to shop around and make sure I’m getting the best price. Hopefully my website will help people like me so they don’t have to do all the research on their own. My website is going to become so popular that it’s going to be featured on some talk show and I’ll be famous and all that jazz. It will be awesome.

Anyway, so I’ll break it down and show you the logistics of my wedding planning. This will be one of those running To Do List posts like back in my college days. If you can help with anything, let me know.
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Wedding Total Cost, est: $2,930.80
Yikes!! I have got to find a way to cut some costs here!!

So yeah. If you feel like it, peruse this list and let me know if there's anything you can help me with.

Engagement Story and Temple Marriage

So I warned you all to expect it, but now it’s official. I’m Engaged!!!

Man, that’s so weird to think about. I’m actually getting married. It’s just so not what I planned for my life. I mean, well obviously I planned to get married, but I never planned to meet the guy in Arizona and whatnot. But I feel it’s the right thing for me to do. And I’m glad too. Not just because I love Nathan, because obviously I do, but I turn 25 soon. That’s so old. (Forgive Mormon culture, but if you’re not married before you’re 23 you’re practically a spinster.) Anyway, so let me give you all the deets.

The Proposal:
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So that was how we got engaged. The ring is beautiful, but it still needs to be resized. It’s half a size too small. The first person we told was our friend Jeremy, who unfortunately had pizza in his mouth when we told him, so that was funny. Then we eventually told our friends and family one by one. And then we made it Facebook Official, and now I’m telling you. Being engaged feels very strange, like not sunk in yet, because there’s so much you have to do with planning the wedding and stuff. But the closer the date looms, the more excited (and stressed) I get.

The Plan:
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That’s the future.

Right now, we’re focusing on getting ready for the wedding and trying to work out any kinks in our plans. I’ll make another post on wedding planning in the near future. I just wanted to give you some information about the Temple, in case you are wondering what the heck those crazy Mormon Temple Marriages are all about:

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I hope all that makes sense, and let me know if you have any questions.

(I'm really excited to be getting married!!!!!!!! But planning the wedding is super stressful. See next post.)

Things that Matter: Equality

I’ve decided to start a new tradition, and once a week, or perhaps once a month, write a more politico-socio-economical post on something that matters. This week, I’ve decided I want to write a post on Equality, which is something I’ve kind of been thinking about for a while.

I guess the theme would kind of center around the oft overused saying “I Might Disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Replace Say with Do and you pretty much have the gist of this post.

Tolerance in General: I hate it when free-loving hippie liberal types who claim to be super tolerant are intolerant of intolerance. Or anyone is really. When you say I hate people who are intolerant. Why can’t they love everyone? I mean can you hear yourself. Hypocritical much? I guess this was really prevalent during all the Prop 8 talks when a bunch of people were hating on Mormons for “hating on gays.” I don’t mean just ‘man those silly Mormons; I don’t agree with their stance.’ But no. People were really vicious in their hate. People who proclaim complete tolerance as a way of life. The hypocrisy of it all really bugs me sometimes.

Women Equality: Don’t get me wrong. I love anti-women jokes, just for funzies. And I’d be the first person to slap a ho or headbutt someone in the uterus. But you have to understand something- just because I’m not a feminazi, doesn’t mean I don’t firmly believe in Women’s Equality. I do, a lot. If I had lived in the 1800s I would have been totally involved in the suffrage and women’s right’s movement. I believe that women can do anything that men can do and that they should get the same pay and the same everything. And I know people are just joking but sometimes all those women jokes really get to me. I mean some women drive really well. Show me a statistic that proves men drive better than women. I don’t really know why I got started on all this, but I think it was the statistic that women still get paid less than men for the same jobs. I don’t know if this is true, but if it is, it sucks. And all the kitchen/sandwich jokes just make me never want to ever make sandwiches for my man.

Now I also believe that sometimes men and women have different talents, different skill sets and should act accordingly if they want. A lot of people would say men are superior in math and science, while women excel in English and the arts. I don’t think this is true. I just think women aren’t as interested in Math or science sometimes, because of how society can be. I personally am going to be a stay at home mom; I have the requisite skill sets for that. I don’t think every woman does. I don’t think every woman should. But they should be able to if they want to. But if a man wants to stay home, that’s cool too.

A lot of feminists turn all this anger and righteous indignation over equality into man-hating, hence the term FemiNazi. It’s like they don’t want equality, they want women to be better than men. I think that’s the reason achieving equality is so hard.

Affirmative Action: I do not believe in affirmative action. I don’t really think it’s helping anything. If there is indeed anything to be helped. I think Affirmative Action just leads to the same problem as the FemiNazis and leads to more discrimination. Now I am in no way trying to play a victim here like some people who would claim White Discrimination. I’m not a victim. I just believe in complete equality. I think that colleges should accept all applications without any note on Age, Gender, Race or anything. Just the test scores and the essays and the high school transcript or whatever else they use to figure out admissions. Then just take the top however many qualified people regardless of anything. They shouldn’t even look at the names of the applicants until a decision is made. Same goes for jobs reviewing applicants for hire. I guess one argument for AA is opportunities for different individuals of different genders and races. As a woman, I know that I had every opportunity that all the males did. Well, I always had to do the dishes at my house and my brothers never did any chores, but overall, same opportunities. As for race, I’m not black so I don’t know what opportunities they had.

I guess different ethnic neighborhoods are in poorer places, which leads to those typical “inner-city” schools which have worse teachers than “better high schools.” Well in my opinion all high schools suck and you don’t learn anything until college anyway. And according to inspirational movies, inner-city schools always have at least one good teacher who motivates and inspires the kids. That should be quite enough. But seriously though, any students with aspirations to apply to any college they’d have to actually work to get into, would probably work extra hard on their own to get into said college. Despite the opportunities provided in their schools. The true equal opportunity part of AA could then come into effect and award scholarships to those applicants who deserve to get into the school, but can’t afford it.

Gay Rights:
So I guess Gay Rights are kind of a big deal right now, ‘being in the public eye’-wise and all and I just wanted to throw in my two cents. I do not believe in being gay (morally) (I don’t really care about political correctness, but I guess it would be better to say I disagree with being gay or something.) But I believe gay people have every right to be gay and shouldn’t be discriminated against in anyway. I believe gay people (This includes the entire GLBT community) should have every right everyone else does. This is equality. While I believe marriage should be something that remains between a man and a woman, gay people should have every right to be together and receive the legal rights that go a long with that. I’m planning on doing a whole different entry on Marriage, Civil Unions and The Separation of Church and State, I’ll just sum it up here. It should be up to each and every separate religion whether they marry gay couples or not, but the government shouldn’t make any distinction. The government should give the legal rights of a marriage to anyone who wants it. (This paragraph probably offends both gay and straight people alike, but oh well. That’s just what I believe.)

Cherishing Our Diversity: In all the books about a futuristic dystopia (a society that supposedly perfect, but obviously flawed, such as 1984, The Giver, Hunger Games to name a few) Utopia and equality is often achieved by stripping away our identities. I can’t think of any specific examples of this, but there are a lot of books and movies that try to achieve equality and perfection by making everyone the same, everyone has the same name, wear’s the same thing, looks the same. OH!! In Harrison Bergeron, they pursue equality by giving everyone handicaps. Beautiful people wear masks, athletic people wear weights. The worst part about It is everyone is brought down to the lowest common denominator, so everyone is equally bad. These stories are dystopic for a reason. We need to celebrate our differences. Take this example of a marriage: In a typical marriage, The husband and wife are equal partners, but they each have different roles. The man works and brings money into the family, beats intruders with a baseball bat and punishes the children when mom doesn’t have the heart. The wife, takes care of the kids, the finances, and runs the household making sure everyone is clothed and fed and loved. The married couple have different BUT EQUALLY IMPORTANT roles. (This is just an example; the roles of man and wife can always be different.)

America (Just using America as an example, because that’s where I live. It applies around the world.) is often called a melting pot because there are people of so many ethnicities, nationalities and religions here. But think about what a melting pot is. It dilutes all the ingredients, getting rid of what makes them separate and special and mashes them together in one big pot. America should instead be called a Patchwork Quilt, (Citation: Brian Verde, 11th grade AP US History). A patchwork quilt takes everyone’s differences and put’s them on display; people are separate and special and that’s what is great about a patchwork quilt. One or two colored quilts are horribly bland. Everyone deserves equality, equal wages, equal rights, equal opportunities, but not at the expense of their own identities. People shouldn’t have to change their names to bland “white people” names such as Jessica, Emily or Ashely (No offence if your name is that. Also if you are a male you would have a manly white name.) People should achieve equality, not at the expense of their identity. I feel like this might be against what I said about affirmative action and people being nameless test scores, but you know there’s always extra curricular activities.

And I don’t know what the solution is. I don’t know how to achieve complete equality. I feel like we’re very close. In America, everyone has the right to vote. There’s less discrimination in hiring and schools. I think one major hurdle though is attitude. Some people have an attitude of Superiority vs. equality. It’s like I said about Feminists and Liberals. People have the attitude that women are better, or tolerant people are better, or gay people are better or Americans are better. But really, we’re all equal. We have equally important, but different: strengths, weaknesses, roles in society, religions, etc. So maybe if we worked harder to make everyone equal rather than engage in a superiority contest, society would be all the better for it.

What's been going on in my life

So I’ve been doing a bunch of Locked Updates, but I wanted to give everyone a little update of what’s been going on in my life. And you know me, List Updates are my favorite.

Life: Right now, I’m living in Arizona and loving it. I don’t really love Arizona, but life is pretty good right now. I enjoy my job ok. I have good friends and we have a lot of fun. We have all these weekly rituals like watching Amazing Race every week and having Payday Pizza. I’m looking forward to Game Night 2.0. I love my ward. They are good people and we have a lot of good activities. I’m looking forward to going to the Mesa Easter Pageant this week and next week there is hiking at some Wind Caves. My roommates are awesome, even if I don’t really spend a lot of time at home. Overall, life is good.

Future Life: I’ve been thinking a lot and trying to plan how/when I’m going to go to grad school, and I might take some classes at ASU soonish, either Fall 2011 or Spring 2012. I don’t want to do all my schooling there, I don’t think, but I’m trying to look into their program. So they might have a good program, who knows. I’m really looking forward to going back to school. After I take a few classes at ASU, If I don’t do my grad work there, then I will transfer to George Mason University to get my Master’s. I know I want to do History, but I’m still not sure what specialization. I definitely want to do European, with a little bit of Asian and World thrown in there. Time Period: Medieval/Renaissance through Early Modern. (Possibly including all the way up to 1900.) As I think back on it, by knowledge of history holds some big gaps. British History after Elizabeth I. Very sketchy there. European History in 18th and 19th century, I definitely need to know more. So I will definitely be taking classes there.

What I really don’t know is what field of History I want to go into. I had wanted to study Folklore and propaganda. But I also love learning about Economic History. I also love Religious History. So I don’t really know what field I want to go into. I have all these papers and essays and books I want to write when I have time. I want to write an essay on economics in Beowulf. I want to write a book about Intersections of Economics and religion in Ancient and Medieval history. All these different things. I want to research folklore and hero myth as the true opiate of the masses. All this different stuff. Wow, my brain is excited to be in Historian Mode. I love it.

Me- As you all know, I’m still dating Nathan. It’s going super well. There are some downs, but it’s mostly ups and that’s awesome. The other day, we had our 6 month anniversary. We ended up going on a picnic (pikuniku) by this teeny lake at this park in Mesa. It was really nice. Even when all these ducks came up because Nathan was feeding them. Even when they decided they had had enough of our food and decided to engage in intimate relations. It made us lol.

My parents- Some of you may know this already, but just a heads up: My parents recently got a divorce. My Mom recently Got remarried.

I recently read Wise Man’s Fear. Patrick Rothfuss is amazing and his second book help up to all the promise of the first. I just can not get over how amazing of a writer Rothfuss is. He is writing in two different timelines and gives you just enough foreshadowing, without ruining the story to keep you interested and sometimes literally waiting on the edge of your seat for to happen what you know will happen. But at the same time you have no idea what will happen. It’s so crazy epic awesome, but at the same time, it’s just the life of one person, so it’s not a crazy epic fantasy. I love it.

I also recently read Side Jobs. After I finished Changes. I CAN NOT WAIT for Ghost Story, the next Dresden File book to come out. I love the character development and story arcs in this series. 12 books and it just keeps getting MORE AWESOME!!

In other book news, can’t wait for Mastiff, the 3rd Beka Cooper book( By Tamora Pierce) to come out!!!!! I started reading this modern day Christian Romance retelling of all the Jane Austen novels. I started, of course with P&P. Surprisingly good for a Christian Romance. It was weird because the Christian thing kept throwing me off. You never really realize how much normal books avoid speaking of religion at all. But after I got used to it, I decided I like. We’ll see how the other books are. Right now I’m reading Boneshaker. It promises to be an awesome Steampunk Civil War Zombie book. I hope it delivers once I get into it.

I fear I will never get around to catching up on Wheel of Time. I just can’t get into Knife of Dreams. Should I reread Crossroads of Twilight or just a recap or start back at book 7. I just don’t know. Any suggestions?

So I recently finished the third season of Stargate Atlantis. I love this show. It is so epic and awesome. Well I don’t know about epic. Anyway, it’s totally the characters that make the show. Rodney’s character is so perfectly obnoxious and endearing. His interactions with all the other main characters are a pleasure to watch. Yes SGA Fandom, especially his and Shepherd’s. And Beckett :’( I am excited tho to see Kaylee!!!

Let’s see, just finished 3rd Season of Chuck. Don’t know how I feel about the ultimate resolution of Chuck and Sarah’s relationship. I don’t hate Sarah as much, but I can’t rejuvenate how much I liked her in Season 1. I think she should just have a purely physical relationship with John Casey and Chuck should be with the sandwich girl. Or Kristen Kreuk But anyway, I love how they brought Ellie in and now everyone knows about the spy stuff. I’m excited to see Season 4 and what’s up with Chuck’s mom.

Haven’t been watching any other TV shows really, but I’m going to start How I met your Mother soon. And catching up on some things. Oh. Bones! I am so excited with the way this Season is going. The Doctor in the Photograph—pretty much the best Bones episode ever. Movies- Saw Date Night. It was Mediocre. Saw Unknown, because Liam Nisson was in it. We knew nothing else about the movie. It ended up being awesome and much better that way. Saw Tangled, I liked it, but I didn’t love it. There just hasn’t been a movie I’ve loved in such a long time. I really liked Sucker Punch. The art and design was simply amazing!! It was so pretty. And really makes you think. And the steampunk elements were pretty awesome. And lots of hot chicks in cool outfits. But the movie I have come closest to loving was Hanna. I loved the music, it was awesome with action and psychology. The story was ok. Cinematography super awesome. It followed the sound and feel of the movie trying to put you inside of the movie, not just watching it, if that makes sense. I want to watch Red Riding Hood (for the lulz) with someone who will mock It mercilessly with me. No one will go with me though : (

I am getting I have gotten pretty badly out of shape. I do almost no exercise, especially with the lack of Ultimate Frisbee in my life. I hardly even walk anymore. I keep trying to get on the ball and start exercising, but I never do. I just can not wait for the summer when I will be able to swim all the time. I just need to get on track with an exercise program. I’m getting my roller blades mailed to me; That will help a little. Jumping on the tramp. If I got a good back that made me enjoy biking. All those things would help. Mostly I just need to do it. I care more about being in shape than losing weight, so if I just start exercising, then that will help tremendously.

Oh—I got an eye exam, because I’m getting new glasses. I have astigmatism. :( I’m not really sure what that is, but I don’t like that my eyes are getting worse. Or more ovular. A laser eye surgery may be somewhere in my future.

So I recently joined the Zombie Research Society, mostly because Nathan wanted me to, but it seems a little bit awesome. I like it, because it is dedicated to real Zombie research and not fake stuff like all that junk that Max Brooks comes up with. Anyway, another project I have been wanting to work on is a report on the history of Zombies in pop culture. (Or just a study of paranormal creature trends in pop culture. Vampires, Zombies, werewolves, greek Mythology. That kind of thing.) But anyway, Nathan wants to start a Mesa Chapter of the ZRS and you need to have 3 members. I’m the 3rd member. I want my title to be Chief Research Officer and Historian, but I think it’s going to be something lame instead. But basically I will be in charge of all administrative type things. You need to have like 6 meetings a year and do 2 projects a year. I’m thinking afore mentioned report and ZOMBIE PROM!!! But it’s neat because we might get to help at Phoenix Comicon, on they’re Zombie march and Zombie beauty pageant. It’s cool because we might get in for Free!!

Speaking of Phoenix Comicon, I am so toally stoked for it this year. Ok, so it isn’t as big as Dragon*Con and there aren’t as many notable names, but it’s still a decent sized Con. It’s only $40 ish for the whole thing and it’s in Phoenix only a 40 minute Light Rail Ride away. But I am really excited for several reasons. Let me tell you who is going to be there. Nicholas Brendan, aka Xander from BtVS, Paul McGillion, aka Carson Beckett from SGA, Sandeep Parikh and Jeff Lewis, aka Zaboo and Vork from The Guild, and best of all: ADAM BALDWIN!!!!! Aka Jayne from Firefly/John Casey from Chuck. I am so excited to meet him. What’s great is if I want an autograph, he’s the picture on the 3rd Firefly disc, which is my favorite disc. I am so totally getting my pic taken with him. I am sad I never got my pic taken with Felicia Day. Anyway, there are also some authors going, I’m excited to meet, including Cherie Priest, author of Boneshaker. It’s gonna be awesome! Oh. And the cosplay: I want to do something steampunk and one day, Nathan and I are going to dress as Ash Catchem and Pikachu and our friend Dani will be Misty and our friend Jake will be Brock. (kind of an inside joke: Pokemon 4ever kind of thing!)

In Miscellaneous News: I worked at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. I’ll post an update about it soon, but overall not as fun/awesome as NC renfest. Did I talk about my new car on here? I bought a car a few months ago- A ’96 VW GTI. I’ve had a few minor problems, sparkplug popping out, broken idler. Nothing major. Something may be wrong with the Transmission though, I don’t know. It acts weird sometimes. I need to get the AC fixed before summer really hits. But I’m kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop here. I’m getting my hair cut/trimmed some time. Not sure when though. I might be getting married sometime soon. I’ve been writing more fanfiction, but I need to write more. This summer I’m planning on starting a writing group and a Book Club. That will be fun. I want to go on adventures out to mysterious lakes and have bonfires and all that. So I’m looking forward to the next little bit. But at the same time, it’s about to be summer here in Arizona and that is NOT fun.

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